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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Advertising & Media Kit 2010 Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Site Stats
Rate Card
Formats, Sizes, Placements
Terms & Conditions
If your target audience is made of Advertising and Marketing professionals, you will not find a better value for your online advertising budget! Launched in early 2008, has quickly established itself as a unique meeting point for publishers, ad operations executives and providers of services in the online advertising arena. distributes its content through several professional syndication channels, and has been cited or mentioned in many reputable information sources - such as Wikipedia, BusinessWeek, and CNBC. We can reach decision-makers like no other similar site, as we have strategically build a highly-targeted audience for - the perfect fit if you wish to advertise services /products in the following areas:
• Ad networks & platforms;
• Ad optimization services;
• Ad serving;
• Ad operations & trafficking;
• Online Marketing;
• Mobile Advertising;
• Advertising & Marketing Events;
• Advertising & Media Agencies. Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Site Stats
Traffic % highlights per country / territory
- U.S. 59%
- UK&IE 15%
- Americas 63%
- Europe 24%
Source: Google Analytics Apr 10 – May 10
New Visits % 18% more new visits than the industry benchmark (Advertising & Marketing sites) – more eyes to see your ads! Source: Google Analytics Apr 10 – May 10
Unique Visitors
over 34,000 / month
Monthly Growth Rate
11% (pageviews and visitors over the last 6 months)
Your Brand On...
18,000 indexed pages and growing (December 2009) 30,000 indexed pages projected by end of 2010 Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Our Typical Visitor:
- comes from a search engine (76%); - is employed fulltime (88%); - works in Internet, Advertising or Media industry (83%); - has a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (62%); - lives in a household with a yearly income of $ 80k -100k (59%); - spends more than 40 hours online (92%); - uses a broadband Internet connection (82%). Source: Google Analytics Apr 10 – May 10, in-house survey.
Gender Split
73% males – 27% females Source: in-house survey
How Does This Translate for You? has a highly specialized, niche audience, that may be otherwise very difficult and expensive to advertise against: your message can reach influential professionals in the Online Advertising & Media industries, the very decision-makers you’re looking for.
If you would like to advertise a service or product in a category we usually talk about on (think ad networks, ad optimization, ad serving and everything related to Ad Operations and Online Marketing), we strongly recommend that you consider our exclusive sponsorship opportunities with SEO and branding benefits –that’s the one sure way to attract and maintain the attention your ads require, and generate leads and sales. Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Formats, Sizes, Placements
Ad Formats
- text ads; - image ads; - rich media ads; - redirects; - Flash ads, including video ads. At this moment, we do not employ interstitials, pop-ups and pop-unders. However, if you require that we run a campaign of this type, please contact us for details with regard to implementation.
Ad Sizes
We currently feature ads in the following sizes: - leaderboard (728x90); - MPU (300x250); - large rectangle (336x280); - skyscraper (120x600); - wide skyscraper (160x600); - buttons (150x150, custom). We can accommodate further sizes if you wish: banner (468x60), rectangles, various squares.
Across all pages: - leadeboard – top, center; - MPU – top, right; - skyscraper / vertical banner – middle, right; - buttons – immediately below fold, center and right Across all article pages: - large rectangle (336x280) or MPU (300x250), in addition to the ad slots mentioned above; Please see the following images in order to understand exactly where the ad slots are positioned within the site. Advertising & Media Kit 2010
We have recently introduced packages of exclusive sponsorships with SEO and branding benefits on, allowing you to exclusively book one or more ad slots on medium (1 – 3 months) or long-term basis (6 –12 months). Online Sponsorships = the linking of a brand with related content or context for the purpose of creating brand awareness and strengthening brand appeal in a form that is clearly distinguishable from a standardized ad units that are non-exclusive.
How Effective Are Online Sponsorships?
When you sit down to decide whether you should opt for casually advertising on a web site or enter a long-term partnership via sponsorship, have in mind that a recent Performance Research study indicated that sponsorships are: - perceived as Trustworthy (28% sponsorships vs. 15% ads); - perceived as Credible (28% sponsorships vs. 16% ads); - In tune with visitors interests (32% to 17%); -More likely to result in a purchaseof a sponsor's product or service (41% to 23%).
What Do I Get? We know how important it is for advertisers of all sizes to put the right message in front of the right audience – and keep it there! We treat our sponsors as long-term partners and offer them much more than merely taking over an ad slot for a period of time.
- exclusive use of a specific ad slot, including rotation and optimization of as many ad creatives you would like to use; - creation of a category for your company (or product) in our site, where we will publish your press releases and any other materials you wish to showcase and promote; - active links to your site from all articles about your company or product –these are indexable links and will not carry the dreaded “nofollow” attribute; - consistent cross-promotion across all our social media channels: +12,200 Twitter followers (@adoperations), +1,700 LinkedIn group members, +430 fans of our page on Facebook. If you already have a category created on our site, we will go through each and every post to make sure we enable and update all your links to indexable ones. Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Rate Card
Display Advertising – CPM buys and Sponsorship offers CPM Sponsorship with SEO & Branding
Ad slot
1 month , 3 months , 6 months , 12 months

Leaderboard, top – site run
$20, $375, $975, $1,950, $3,900
MPU or large rectangle, above fold – embedded in all articles
$20, $375 , $975, $1,950, $3,900
MPU, at fold – site run
$15, $175, $450, $900, $1,800
Skyscraper or vertical banner, below fold, site run
$10, $115, $300, $600, $1200
Buttons, slightly below fold, site run
$80 - $150 / month*


We have a monthly growth rate of 11%, which means that booking sponsorships for a longer period of time will bring you significantly more value for your money. A simple calculation shows us that, if in Month 1 we serve 10,000 ad impressions for you, by the end of Month 3 we would serve 33,100 impressions, by the end of Month 6 they would sum up to 65,156 and by the end of Month 12 we would serve 201,810 impression in total. Simply put:
- book a 3 months sponsorship – save 10.3%
- book a 6 months sponsorship – save 28.6%
- book a 12 months sponsorship – save 78.2%
*Button ads can be booked directly from Buttons are a standard 125px x 125px size, and are priced $150 / month (single ad / button slot), $100 / month (2 rotating ads / button slot), or $80 / month (4 rotating ads / button slot). Advertising & Media Kit 2010
Terms & Conditions
Stats, Figures, Reports
We are using Doubleclick DFP to serve your ads, and we recommend that you provide us an email where we can give you access to see your exact delivery stats. Since we provide direct access into our ad server and not merely sending out Excel reports, we shall not accept any conciliation with your own server in case there are discrepancies.
Payment Terms
All payments shall be made within the first week of the campaign start, failure to do so will result in campaign being paused until payment is made. Payments can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal or cheque (however, campaigns would not start before the cheque cleares).
Creatives & Materials
All creatives must be received at least 5 days before the campaign start date, to allow for testing and possible troubleshooting if needed. If creatives are not received in time, the campaign start and end date should be considered automatically extended by the number of delayed days. All creatives are subject to acceptance in terms of the advertised subject, look & feel, quality.
Questions? We’ll be happy to receive your question, feedback and comments – we’ll reply within 2 business days.
Send your emails to, or connect with us on:


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